How to Wine Journal

Do you do wine journaling? I do! I’ve done it for many years now, I need to buy a new notepad… But really, I find it vital to write down the wine I taste, so I can compare later, the vintages, the grapes and the regions. Or I can see how wine production has developed […]

How to Study Wine Regions

I know! It’s soooo overwhelming, all those wine regions, and constantly new coming up, now Norway wants to make wine… How to grasp and understand all that info? In this video I’ll give you a good tip on how to do that! Feel free to comment and add your ideas! How do you study your […]

A Glass a Day …

Hey, hey, hey! I’m starting a new series of posts called A Glass a Day! I’m going to add a new bottle of wine that I’ve tasted and its short ranking to this post every day. So, after 30 days, we’ll have 30 wine recommendations to choose from! I’ll try to make it the best […]

How to Start a Wine Club

Thinking about starting a wine club? Great! Because I know how I can help you. It’s actually pretty easy. In this post I’d like to give you some general ideas on starting a wine club. There’s a link to my video at the end of the post as well. I shoot it while preparing for […]

Two Interesting Pinots

The two interesting Pinot Noirs I’ve tasted recently I want to share my opinion with you on. The first one comes from Western Oregon, Eugene, King Estate Winery.   Acrobat 2012 Oregon Pinot Noir King Estate Winery. It’s a 4-star wine for me, the one you enjoy on a Wednesday night. Good with food, excellent […]

Eating Out in Aruba

In my previous posts about eating out in Aruba, this One Happy island, where life is relaxing, the sea is warm and the sun is hot, I’ve covered some good and bad places to go to in Aruba when you are hungry. I think it’s importaant to be honest with my readers: there are so […]

Where to Eat in Aruba

This is the continuation of my previous post My Delight and Disappointment in Restaurants on Aruba where I started covering the places that I personally tried out on Aruba and I shared my opinion on them. Very soon we’ll find out what the best place to eat on Aruba is, again according to my taste […]

The Three Wines That Rocked My Summer

Hey, guys! After some weeks of summer vacation, I’m coming back with some more great stuff about food, wine and travel! Today’s post is about my best picks of this summer! Two reds and one white. Sounds weird, but that’s true (you know, summertime is a white-wine season…)…    1. Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico DOCG […]

Time and Again I Do Realize How Much I Love Wine from the Caucasus

When I travel, I try to taste wine that I won’t find in Norway where I live, for example wine from Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Azerbaijan, India and so on. I’m currently visiting my family in Siberia, and here I bought one bottle from Georgia and one from Azerbaijan. This is what I’ll be covering today. […]