Studying Wine

There’s a wide range of wine, vineyards, grapes, producers, wine regions, appelations, etc. You get easily overwhelmed; it all gets mixed, confused and messed up in your head. Have you ever felt that? I have! Some years ago I would buy random bottles of wine from different countries, without even knowing what it was I […]

This Is My Idea of Quality Italian

Aglianico del Taburno Fattoria La Rivolta DOCG 2012 5 stars! This is truly Italian wine, its quality is superb as are the flavors. It’s mild, pleasant, full-bodied,with a nice aftertaste. Cherry flavored and mildly fruity, with amazing cherry color. Aglianico is an ancient grape, mainly spread in the south of Italy: Puglia, Campania. It’s the […]

Pleasant Cote du Rhone

Domaine de la Janasse 2014 Cotes du Rhone Appellation Cotes du Rhone Controlé 4 stars A pleasant, simple, light Cotes du Rhone which is excellent to be enjoyed on its own or with some good steak, barbecue or even salad! We enjoyed it while we were waiting for our barbecue! And then with grilled meat […]

Greek Red Xinomavro

Ramnista Dry Red Wine Protected designation of origin Naoussa Xinomavro 2012 Kir-Yianni 4 stars! An interesting, really dry, but pleasant on the tongue, with some blackberry aftertaste, tannic, earthy wine. Rich in color, dark purple. Meat, bread or on its own. The aftertaste here is what I really enjoyed when drinking the wine. Xinomavro is […]

Kolkhida Saperavi Georgian Wine Red Dry 2014

Kolkhida Saperavi Georgian Wine Red Dry 2014 5 stars! Full-bodied, with dark, rich color; aroma-filled dry wine from Kakheti region in the east of Georgia. It’s very nice on the palate and pleasant to drink. Kolkhida is the queen of Saperavi! Saperavi is a very old Georgian grape and the most widely planted grape in […]

Villa Borghetti Bardolino Classico DOC 2014

Villa Borghetti Bardolino Classico DOC 2014 4stars a good, rich, but light-bodied, cherry flavored Italian to be enjoyed on its own or with Italian food, especially pizza! Bardolino is a North-Italian blend, popular in Veneto region (north-east). It consists of the same grapes as Valpolicella blend: corvina, rondinella, molinara and sometimes negrara. However, it’s different. […]

Perfect Tapas Companion

Viña Mayor Ribera del Duero D.O. 2013 Barrel Aged Tempranillo, Spain It’s a great tapas wine! 4 stars, very pleasant, rich flavor, balanced and nice on the palate. I’m sure it’s perfect to be enjoyed on its own as well.  Have you tried this wine? Tell me what you think about it!

Chateau Smith Cab Sauv

Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Washington State – a 5-star wine! Enjoy it alone! This is what the real Cab tastes like! Resembles Gamla from Israel.  

Moletto Raboso Piave DOC 2007

Moletto Raboso Piave DOC 2007 – a great full-bodied cheese companion, excellent alone, tannic, but pleasant on the tongue. You can feel the alcohol, and it gives you nice and lasting aftertaste. Perfect with Italian food! A 5-star wine according to my wine ranking system! Grape – Raboso. Country – Italy. Region – Friuli-Venezia Giulia, […]

Okanagan Valley – Wine Country – Wine Tour Day 2

         There are about 31 wineries in Okanagan. Of course, it’s impossible to visit them all just in a few days, physically impossible! However, I visited 11 wineries in 2 days! The first day, as you know, we were biking and tasting wine, on the second day I had to be driven by my husband […]