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I’m Lidia, I’m actually an English teacher and a homecook who enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes in her free time, I do love wine and I do love traveling, and my passion is combining all the three hobbies – food, wine and travel. And I do enjoy my life even better when it’s a luxury trip, a 5-star hotel, the best wine and the best restaurant.

I’m originally from cold and snowy Siberia, but live in Norway, with my husband and a cat who, the latter one, and by the way the former one, basically both, love to do the same – eat, enjoy life, travel and drink wine (though, my cat never tried the last one..).

It all started with our travels, I became interested in food, in the local dishes and cooking traditions, then I started trying them out at home, inviting my friends to a Mexican evening, Cabernet Sauvignon appreciation party, tapas party, Canarian food, Israeli, Italian, French, you name it.

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During these 8 years of marriage, I have visited around 20 countries and learnt a great deal about cooking and wine, read a pile of cooking books and wine magazines, and I’ve decided to share my experience with you, guys. I’d like to give you some cool tips on where to eat in the places I’ve visited (I’m a very picky eater I must say), what food to try and what wine to buy, on how to cook some of the most amazing dishes and choose wine for your meal.

I enjoying going back and looking at the places I’ve visited, writing about our trips. I’m into making travel plans as well. So, if you don’t want to spend hours and hours of trip planning, reviewing hotels and tours, comparing prices and all that stuff, please, do contact me and we’ll negotiate your trip! 

This is what I do – I travel, I eat, I look for the best cafés, restaurants and food to try where I go, and I write about it! I’d like to invite you to this journey with me, to live and experience life to its fullness.

P.S. Feel free to get in touch with me, ask questions, follow my posts or write your comments and share your experience here:

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Kind regards,

Lidia Didriksen


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