Canada Adventure Experience

Planning a trip to Canada this summer? Don’t have time to do your research? Want to save time on surfing online and looking for the best places to visit? Then this plan is for you! Why don’t you spend your precious time shopping and getting ready for summer instead? Click on the Checkout button below to download the plan.

winery tour      Bella Gelateria

It is a rough 4-week planner for you, with hand-picked places, carefully chosen hotels, all with central locations, and a short list of suggestions of what to do in every place. The places are chosen mainly for you if you love to eat, drink and enjoy life! These are some best places to visit in Canada. Feel free to modify it after your taste! At the end of each stop, there are some suggestions given for you to choose from, as additional activities, though they are not checked, meaning I only know about them, but not from my personal experience.

Budget: from medium to lower luxury

car hire in Canada     Granville Island Brewing

Pace: hectically relaxed

Time: summer 

VancouverOliver – Banff – Edmonton and more!

Vancouver    Vancouver

car trip Canada    Oliver - wine

Okanagan Valley     Banff