This Strange, Yet Fascinating Aruban Lifestyle

Before going into detail about dining options here on this One Happy Island, I’d like to share with you some of my observations that came strange or interesting to me while being here and basking in the ever-warm and friendly, but strong (!) sun. First of all, what I’ve noticed is the people who, as […]

This is Why Aruba is #1 Repeat Destination in Caribbean

You already understand I’m enjoying my 4-week vacation on Aruba right now, and I’ve promised to tell you what and where it is. Aruba is a small island situated about 25 km from the coast of Venezuela. This is actually not a country, but an independent unit within the Netherlands, with the governor who is […]

One Happy Island

Aruba, Jamaica…just like in that famous song… Now we are here! Aruba is indeed a paradise. They say that it’s one happy island! And it seems to me more and more that it might be true! We are here for four weeks, and in between the trips to the beach, enjoying wine on the balcony, […]

Aruban Paradise

We are going to Aruubbaaa!!!! When I tell people about this place, they ask me what it is and where it is – almost no-one knows about this hidden gem… But…I lost my book that I ordered from about Moon Aruba (Moon Handbooks), eh! Not that I lost it, but forgot on the plane… […]

Edmonton – the heart of Alberta

  It’s a wonderful trip from Banff to Edmonton via Jasper and Columbia Glacier. By the way, you can stop there and have a tour or experience Glacier Skywalk, or just drive straight to Edmonton, making some stops at Tim Hortons or other small cafés in cosy Canadian towns. Enjoy the trip! We even saw […]

Banff and Lake Louise

Our last day in Banff…. Don’t want to leave this beautiful, cosy place… However, an exciting day is in front of us! Lake Louise! Famous among tourists, misunderstood by the locals. The fact is that it is UNESCO World Heritage Site situated 60 km from Banff. It’s a pleasant road trip, but be patient with […]

Banff Road Trip

Banff Adventure          From Oliver we headed to Banff. I guess, it’s quite popular in winter time because of all the skiing you can do there, but it’s good to visit Banff when you are in Canada anyway just because it’s situated in the heart of Canadian Rockies!      When you drive […]

Okanagan Valley – Food and Drink

      When on the road, traveling from Vancouver to Oliver, make sure to make stops and enjoy your trip! We stopped right after we passed the Vancouver city line and had our lunch at the chain restaurant that you can find pretty much everywhere in Canada and which has quite good food and excellenet […]

Okanagan Valley – Wine Country – Wine Tour Day 2

         There are about 31 wineries in Okanagan. Of course, it’s impossible to visit them all just in a few days, physically impossible! However, I visited 11 wineries in 2 days! The first day, as you know, we were biking and tasting wine, on the second day I had to be driven by my husband […]