Perfect Healthy Snack

Don’t know what to make for lunch this afternoon? Would like something easy, but tasty? This snack is for you! I call it EGGS IN EGGS! Simply boil the amount of eggs you want.Make them hard-boiled (around 5 min). Cool them, cut in halves. Take the yolk out and put it in a separate bowl. […]

Homemade Italian Pizza – Best Recipe for Sunday Dinner

For years I’ve been searching for the best pizza dough recipe, trying out, asking friends and begging for recipes for pizzas I tasted somewhere at parties… And I FOUND it! Who could believe? In my local wine shop! There was this free recipe “flyer”… The recipe here is my modification which I’ve developed after some […]

Haddock Fish’n Chips à la Sina style

I was allowed to share this recipe. You know, this recipe belongs to my husband’s late granny, Hansine, or short – Sina. My husband usually cooks it every Monday for dinner, and now, after weeks of begging, I can finally share this delicious haddock recipy with you, my friends. So, I would call it fish’n […]

Saturday Night Dinner: Easy & Delicious Mexican Beef Taco!

This is my husband’s favorite. The recipe is based on everything I learnt about cooking Mexican in Mexico. You can change the recipe, add something you like to it or omit some of the ingredients. The recipe is for two people.      You will need to make: wraps pico de gallo vegetables beef guacamole […]