What’s up with all the liquids?

What’s up with all the liquids?     Have you ever made a sauce which was too thin or bread which was too heavy? I have! And I want to learn from my mistakes. The rule is simple: a sauce – use less liquid than you should according to the recipe (or add little by […]

Haddock Fish’n Chips à la Sina style

I was allowed to share this recipe. You know, this recipe belongs to my husband’s late granny, Hansine, or short – Sina. My husband usually cooks it every Monday for dinner, and now, after weeks of begging, I can finally share this delicious haddock recipy with you, my friends. So, I would call it fish’n […]

Macarons talk

I hate throwing out food! And I hate it even more when I can’t get it right when I use a new recipe! I’m not a cook, I’m an amature, but I like to experiment, and I like a good challenge! So, today I was trying to make macarons using a Norwegian recipe from a […]