Easy Cabbage Pancakes

Super easy, but super good and, what’s more important, super healthy cabbage pancakes from my childhood. I remember waking up to this heavenly smell on a lazy Sunday morning when my mummy was standing by the oven and making breakfast for the whole family…

cabbage pancakes

You will need:

some cabbage (new harvest recommended)

and your imagination!

Sounds interesting! Right?

Simple cut some cabbage in very thin strips, the thinner the strips the better. It all depends how much you want to make, you can add more cabbage and adjust as you progress. Cabbage is the main ingredient here.

Add some milk to it, one egg, garlic, salt and pepper. Recently I added some nicely-chopped fresh green chilli and green onion. Your imagination decides what to add.

Add some flour to make it a batter-looking mixture, like for pancakes. It shouldn’t be too thin and it shouldn’t be too thick.

Heat some oil in your favourite pan (I use cast iron, which gives my frying more flavor!) and start baking your small one-table-spoon size pancakes.

cabbage pancakes

Enjoy them, with sour cream or without!

A perfect idea for your healthy start of the day!


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