How to Start a Wine Club

Thinking about starting a wine club?

Great! Because I know how I can help you. It’s actually pretty easy. In this post I’d like to give you some general ideas on starting a wine club. There’s a link to my video at the end of the post as well. I shoot it while preparing for my recent wine club meeting. Watch it and get more ideas for YOUR wine club!

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Well, to start a wine club you need some friends who like to drink wine! I say friends because I think you feel more comfortable sharing something important like wine with the people who know and love you.

I started my wine club with my four friends (two couples), so it’s I, my husband and two more married friends (you don’t have to be married to drink wine though!).

When I sounded out my idea to them, they all thought it was a good one. And we decided to meet once a month at the weekends, but practice showed that it was too often for our busy lifestyles, now we meet every other month. However, it’s all absolutely up to you and your friends.

You need to make a decision on where you’d like to meet for the club. I know some people go out to a bar or a restaurant with their wine clubs, but we (unfortunately this time) live in Norway where alcohol is like gold (very expensive), so you need to be a Rockefeller to go out to have a wine club meeting once a month! We do it at my place. It’s easy for me, since I’m the initiator and, what I like to call myself, the wine club leader! Ha-ha…And I have all the Riedel glasses! Da-!

I chose the first theme for the club, every couple had to buy a wine, so we had three bottles per tasting. It’s good to set a fixed price range so that it’s all fair when it comes to wine.

Please, watch this video to get more ideas for YOUR wine club.

Don’t be too strict with me: it’s my first video ever! However, I hope I gave you some good tips.

I’ll be writing more about wine and wine club life, so make sure you get my posts!

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