Two Interesting Pinots

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The two interesting Pinot Noirs I’ve tasted recently I want to share my opinion with you on.

The first one comes from Western Oregon, Eugene, King Estate Winery.

Acrobat Pinot Noir  Acrobat 2012 Oregon Pinot Noir King Estate Winery.

It’s a 4-star wine for me, the one you enjoy on a Wednesday night. Good with food, excellent on its own.  Red fruit aromas and balanced tannins make a great company for a relaxing evening with your loved one.

  Acrobat Pinto Noir

The second one is from Marlborough district in New Zealand.

Oyster Bay Pinot Noir  Marlborough Pinot Noir 2012 Oyster Bay New Zealand.

A perfect companion for your Thursday night evening. It’s not that smooth as the first wine, but anyway – a good, quality Pinot. I rank it as a 3-star wine. To be honest with you, I had more hopes and expectations to this specific winery and wine, after I tasted their Merlot in Aruba.

20160721_121357  Hawkes Bay Merlot 2013 Oyster Bay New Zealand.

This Merlot is 5 stars: it’s smooth, well-balanced and with nice and pleasant aromas.

And of course, to enjoy a great bottle of wine, you need to have the perfect tools! To start with, a wine aerator wouldn’t be a bad idea, since it gives more air (oxygen) to your wine so that all those aromas can develop more. Can you imagine the wine was stuck in a bottle, with no air, for quite some time and it needs oxygen to open up and show you all its beauty!

This is a simple one, for young wines – Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer – Premium Aerating Pourer and Decanter Spout (Black).

And here is a fancier one, for older wines and for home use only, I would say – Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator.

I have both at home, and many others (in case I have a wine tasting evening and open several bottles of wine…).

What tools do you use to enjoy your wine?

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