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Notre Dame de Paris


I’ve been to the French capital on the Seine three times so far, but I never stop longing to go back and walk down Champs-Élysées, pop in a random boulangerie or pâtisserie, visit my favorite labyrinth of cosy tiny streets at Montmartre, drink wine at a brasserie while enjoying the view of Notre-Dame, visit food markets and eat ice cream while sitting on a bench by the Seine and looking at the Eiffel Tower, listen to the French accordion and kiss on a bench, take a walk along the Seine… I could make this list endless, but let me give you some practical tips. This week look out for the ten best foodie tips for Paris! Here comes tip 5. And we are half-way through…

Tip 5


Paris - patisserie


Pay a visit to a boulangerie (bakery) or pâtisserie (pastry shop), at least once, a day:) or twice…. You can’t miss this opportunity while in Paris. I know that many people advise some fancy ones, like Ladurée or Angelina, I know, but – been there, done that, not impressed. Overrated. Of course, if you want to taste a 2-euro macaron and experience an old, family tea-room, rich in history, art and elegance, sure, go for it! For the experience, and to have something to brag about to your friends. When it comes to Angelina, the prices are too high, the service is bad, and it’s just all too big, massive, busy and not comfy at all. I find small bakeries that are hidden somewhere from all the tourist traffic, the ones that are used by the locals, are to be trusted. But, basically, it’s just to try them out! There’s plenty of option. And remember, it’s a beautiful pastime activity while you are waiting for your tour bus or your husband… 🙂


café Angelina, Paris    Paris - patisserie


Paris - patisserie


P.S. Don’t go to Paul either unless you are really desperate. It’s everywhere, easy to find, let it be your last resort…

What’s your favorite patisserie in Paris?

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