Eating Out in Aruba

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In my previous posts about eating out in Aruba, this One Happy island, where life is relaxing, the sea is warm and the sun is hot, I’ve covered some good and bad places to go to in Aruba when you are hungry. I think it’s importaant to be honest with my readers: there are so many places to eat out in Aruba, you don’t know which one to choose and you end up going to a place where either food or service (or both) disappoint you… That’s why I’m on a mission to tell you the truth about the places I visited in Aruba while vacationing there this summer for four weeks! Let’s resume from where we stopped last time.

beautiful Aruba


11. Gelatissimo!!!! You can find it in downtown Oranjestad and at Palm Beach Plaza, and you just have to go there, for their gelato! They make it fresh every day, and the choice is huge! I recommend pistachio and vanilla, and dark chocolate as well:)

Gelatissimo Aruba      Gelatissimo, Aruba

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12. Señor Frogs. A huuuge chain of restaurants, right in the middle of all the food and fun district in Aruba, but don’t go there: the service is bad (sour and rude waitresses), and the food is mediocre (depending on what you order). And this confusion of Mexican and Italian is just something I can’t comprehend. However, if you are looking for food, free shots from a spray bottle, music and karaoke, fiesta and loud fun, this is the place for you, but make sure you tell your host the name of your hotel (just in case you get really drunk!).

Señor Frogs, Aruba     Senor Frogs, Aruba


13. Salt and Pepper. Been there twice: first for lunch – great sandwiches and bread! I ordered a sandwich in ciabatta bread and was pretty happy about it. The second time for dinner: great service, the food is good, could go there for the third time, but wanted to try out more places. This place is OK, but not the best. Though the service is very good and the wine list as well. The idea of collecting salt and pepper containers is very interesting, and when you sit inside, you keep studying those funny exhibits. And their tapas are quite interesting, though the most usual tapas dishes ever. Go there, if you want an interesting and quite cheap evening out.

We heard they had great pancakes – went there, tried them – can’t be compared to Diana’s Pancakes Place! Read about it in my next post!

Salt and Pepper, Aruba     Salt and Pepper, Aruba

14. Mojitos Restaurant Cuban Cuisine. This place is very good for a quite lunch, located in the middle of Oranjestad, on the second floor of the Royal Plaza mall. Very friendly service and great food! Cheap too. I tried their Cesar salad wrap! Enjoyed it! A tip: if you are not that hungry, order one sandwich for two: it comes divided in two big parts anyway! They have this lunch deal: a sandwich (which comes with fries, by the way) + drink for USD 10!

Mojitos Restaurant, Aruba      Mojitos Restaurant, Aruba

15. Wine on the beach! You just have to do it! The best experience ever: take a beach towel, a bottle of wine (don’t forget a wine opener and Baen Sendi Wine Aerator Pourer – Aerating Wine Pourer – Premium Wine Decanter!), two wine glasses, camera, your loved one and great mood! Go there, to the beach, before the sun sets down, around 18:00 – 18:15, so you have time to enjoy your wine and the view!

wine on the beach   Aruba at sunset

In my next post, which will be the last on food in Aruba, you’ll discover my best recommendations on where to dine in Aruba!






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