Foodie Tip 4 (Paris)


Parisian autumn


I’ve been to this beauty on the Seine three times so far, but I never stop longing to go back and walk down Champs-Élysées, pop in a random boulangerie or pâtisserie, visit my favorite labyrinth of cosy tiny streets at Montmartre, drink wine at a brasserie while enjoying the view of Notre-Dame, visit food markets and eat ice cream while sitting on a bench by the Seine and looking at the Eiffel Tower, listen to the French accordion and kiss on a bench… I could make this list endless, but let me give you some practical tips. This week look out for the ten best foodie tips for Paris! Here comes tip 4.

Tip 4


crepes in Paris


Eat a crêpe! And it’s just to go for it despite your sceptisism! Been to Paris and haven’t tried a Parisian crêpe? Not good, no, no. Needs to be fixed! Tick it off, baby:)


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