Where to Eat in Aruba

This is the continuation of my previous post My Delight and Disappointment in Restaurants on Aruba where I started covering the places that I personally tried out on Aruba and I shared my opinion on them. Very soon we’ll find out what the best place to eat on Aruba is, again according to my taste buds:)

In my previous post I’ve covered four places: Hooters, Jack’s Café, Bugaloe Beach Bar and Grill, and the Dutch Pancake House. Feel free to go back and read about them.

Meanwhile I’ll resume my foodie recount.

5. Cilo. A fancy restaurant, popular with the locals. We went there to have a drink and chill a little. Try their non-alcoholic drinks, Flamingo and raspberry cocktail, which were quite good. The menu looked interesting and the service was quite nice. It’s cosy both inside and outside. Pricey.

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refreshments at the Cilo

6. CocoPlum Café. A hidden, simple café at the end of Mainstreet. Cosy, cheap, but they speak little English. Good smoothies. A nice stop during your shopping day, to rest in the shade!

CocoPlum Aruba

Cafe CocoPlum Aruba

7. Iguana Cantina – fresh Mexican grill, Mexican atmosphere, very busy, but worth it, though it’s not the best Mexican food, but I can call it good Tex-Mex. It’s located at the Paseo Herencia Mall, so try to get a table overlooking the singing fountain (they have nightly water shows at 7:30 pm and then every hour till 10:30 pm)! I enjoyed the atmosphere at this place: some cool phrases in Spanish on the walls, funny tables, colorful menu (which was a bit difficult to read because of the abundance of letters and text). Don’t order their Margarita if you tried the real one in Mexico, you’ll be disappointed. Worthwhile quesadillas, but not their tortilla soup.

Iguana Cantina

Mexican at Iguana Cantina                                                                                                                                                                                                             tables at Iguana Cantina                                                                                                                                                                                               8. The Frangipani Bar – located at the Blue Residences (where we stayed), is a nice place for breakfast and lunch (and not that expensive as it usually is at the hotels). The lady who cooks there is a lovely Spanish-speaking, warm Aruban chef, and the lady who serves is a kind and friendly woman from the Philippines.  For breakfast, try their Arepita (arepas from corn) with ham and cheese, and for lunch, their Cesar salad with chicken!

arepas at Frangipani Bar

9. Smokey Joe’s – a very popular place among American tourists, so make sure you arrive early or book a table. They say that it’s the island’s best grill and ribs, but I wasn’t impressed at all. It’s a sister restaurant of Iguana Cantina (the same owner and chef), but the food is little interesting, I would say. The service is good and their famous drink, Pink Iguana, as well, good island patties (empanadas with different fillings). Biggest burger on Aruba, but not the best (so far, Hooters holds that title, for me), and definitely not the best grill on Aruba. Disappointed…

Smokey Joe's   Smokey Joe's logo  Pink Iguana

island patties at Smokey Joe's  herb-rub ribs at Smokey Joe's

10. Casa Tua – Italian place, there’s one close to Palm Beach Plaza and one in Oranjestad. Pizzeria, but it’s only a definition, because I haven’t seen or eaten a good, homemade-style Italian pizza there (I’ll share in my next post where I found such pizza in Aruba!!). Their bruschetta is only a name; however, they’ve got nice and quite cheap wine! He-he… Go around this place if you walk past and wonder whether to eat there or not…

Casa Tua Casa Tua Pizzeria

Don’t miss my next post on best places to eat in Aruba! Don’t waste your time eating where the food is disappointing. I’ve done it for you…

What’s your fav spot in Aruba?






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