This is Why Aruba is #1 Repeat Destination in Caribbean

You already understand I’m enjoying my 4-week vacation on Aruba right now, and I’ve promised to tell you what and where it is. Aruba is a small island situated about 25 km from the coast of Venezuela. This is actually not a country, but an independent unit within the Netherlands, with the governor who is appointed by the Dutch king. So, the official language here is Dutch! Sounds strange, right? In addition to that, every Arubian speaks English, Spanish and the native language, Papiamento.

Palm Beach, Aruba

The island itslef was once discovered by a Spanish officer, and then the Spaniards thought of Aruba as a useless piece of land, with only desert and nothing else, and that’s why they so easily gave it to the Netherlands when Spain lost the war that lasted for almost 80 years. And only later the Dutch discovered gold here on the island, in addition to introducing the aloe plant and possibility of growing some fruits and peanuts. And many years later – Aruba is the most repeat destination in the Caribbean. Tourism is an important source of income here in Aruba, with white-sand beaches, warm sky-like sea, fresh fish, a variety of hotels and resorts to choose from and a great deal of amazing places to dine, including Dutch, Cuban, Mexican, French, Argentinian, Peruvian and many more cuisines.

Oranjestad harbor

In my next post I’ll be covering some of the good local spots where you can enjoy your evening.

I love Aruba sign



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