Aruban Paradise

We are going to Aruubbaaa!!!! When I tell people about this place, they ask me what it is and where it is – almost no-one knows about this hidden gem… But…I lost my book that I ordered from about Moon Aruba (Moon Handbooks), eh! Not that I lost it, but forgot on the plane… Anyway it wasn’t a great book, though the only one available, or written, only about Aruba. It seemed to me very strange that Lonely Planet (the one that I usually go to) didn’t have books written about Aruba, only on Lonely Planet Discover Caribbean Islands (Travel Guide), with 5 pages about Aruba.

aruba bon bini

Anyway, with the book lost, sunscreen and a new bikini bought, here we go! Aruba!

What do you know about this place? Have you heard anything about Aruba? Where is it?

What are your thoughts?

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