Time and Again I Do Realize How Much I Love Wine from the Caucasus

When I travel, I try to taste wine that I won’t find in Norway where I live, for example wine from Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Azerbaijan, India and so on. I’m currently visiting my family in Siberia, and here I bought one bottle from Georgia and one from Azerbaijan. This is what I’ll be covering today.

There’s a Georgian grape – Saperavi. They make semi-sweet red wine out of this grape and call it Kindzmarauli. And they make dry red wine of this grape and call it Saperavi. For me, the dry Saperavi can be too dry; however, the semi-sweet Kindzmarauli is heaven on earth. It’s so berry, fresh, rich in aroma and easy to drink, but at the same time it’s quite complicated wine, and it’s not sweet at all, compared to, for example, semi-sweet wine from Bulgaria, Moldova or Israel. It’s the wine to recommend! I would enjoy it on its own – we tried it with meat and cheese, but, no, not a match…

By the way, did you know that Georgia claims to be the oldest wine region in the world?

The second favorite of the month is the wine from Azerbaijan – Karvasara dry red wine, which resembles Pinot Noir style (and no wonder – this grape is quite popular there)! Easy on the palate, pleasant aftertaste, great wine for cheese or to be enjoyed on its own.

And it doesn’t surprise me at all, these two great wines, – some experts say that the Caucasus region is the cradle of winemaking!

And time and again I do realize how much I love wine from the Caucasus!

Kindzmarauli semi-sweet red wine 2014 Kvevri – 4 stars

Georgian wine

Old Baku Karavan Sarai dry red wine  Azerbaijan 2015 – 5 stars

Azerbaijan wine

Have you ever tasted wine from the Caucasus?


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