Studying Wine

There’s a wide range of wine, vineyards, grapes, producers, wine regions, appelations, etc. You get easily overwhelmed; it all gets mixed, confused and messed up in your head. Have you ever felt that? I have! Some years ago I would buy random bottles of wine from different countries, without even knowing what it was I was buying…

Okanagan wine tour

Luckily, when we were on vacation in Cancún, Mexico and stayed at the best resort ever – Excellence Playa Mujeres (I’ll write a post on this hotel soon!), I met a great sommelier who afterwards became my friend and who gave me smart advice to study wine by countries. Choose a country, get a map of that country and study region by region, writing on that map, commenting, jotting down your observations and the wine you taste. Smart!



And this is what I’m doing now! Having this busy lifestyle, you know, it’s just heaven to enjoy your glass of wine without trying to figure out the wine bouquet or look after the wine region, but I tend to do it most of the time. I have a small notepad where I write all the wine I taste and my rating. I write by country.  It’s convenient to carry this pad along all the time, when shopping for wine – this way you know whether you tasted it before or not, or when on vacation.

Cote du Rhone                 IMG_9059

Then, I started with the mother country – Italy! I drew a map, myself! Placed all the wine regions on it, and I study region by region – first of all, I read about it – The World Atlas of Wine, 7th Edition or The Wine Bible. After that I use my Internet wine store to look for the wine from that region, and I add them to my wine cellar online, and little by little I buy them and taste them, making notes and tiny slips of paper which I stick on the exact region on my wine map! I also write general information: about grape varieties, special features of the region (to remember), distinct areas of the region, etc.

It’s a life journey, but I’m enjoying it! And wish you the same.

Do you have any smart tips on how to study wine?


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