Restaurant Il Patio – Moscow Sheremetyevo

I’ve been waiting for my flight connection im Moscow Sheremetyevo, I had 7 hours there! I walked about terminal D where I had my next flight and saw very little option when it comes to food…

So I chose the restaurant Il Patio, located on the third floor, by its fancy looks and cosy sofas. And it was a comfy place to kill some time while waiting for your next flight – cosy, nice atmosphere, the service is OK (though the waiter that took my payment didn’t speak to me or had any eye contact at all!), but the food is disappointing. I ordered a Greek salad, which was just a reminder of what I call Greek salad – only veggies and a bit of feta, olives, capers – that’s it. The lettuce and cucumbers in the salad looked kind of old as well. However, it was beautifully presented – in a tortilla bowl! The tortilla was good though! Ha-ha! Great Pinot Gris from Italy to go with the salad, and my disappointment with the food was gone! Though the glass was kind of dirty….? Good non-alcohol mojito as well. You know, I sat there for three hours… However, I rested and felt much better after a long day of traveling.

Il Patio Moscow Sheremetyevo

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