Riedel Wine Glasses

Looking for quality glasses to pour your precious wine in? I have the answer! 

Riedel Glassware!

Well-respected company: Johann Cristoph Riedel started making glasses in 1678! Family-owned company that produces quality glass and wine glasses to almost every grape variety. They believe that their glasses have a special form that helps that specific grape variety to unfold and show its characteristics to the full. It helps the aroma of the grape. It basically makes your wine tasting easier and more successful!

Riedel wine glasses

I have a huge collection of Riedel glasses at home (I’m collecting the Vinum line), and I use them all, from Cabernet Sauvignon to Zinfandel! I even have Coca Cola Riedel (Riedel “O” Coca-Cola Glass, Set of 2)! I love my Riedel glasses! I’m the only one allowed to touch them, wash them and dry them. It’s forbidden to cheer with MY Riedel glasses at my house!

Riedel collection

I do recommend to start with the most common Cabernet Sauvignon (Riedel Wine Series Cabernet/Merlot Glass, Set of 2) glasses and then expand according to your desire and pocket. I also use Burgundy (or Pinot Noir) glasses a lot (Riedel Wine Series Pinot/Nebbiolo Glasses, Set of 4).

So now you know what company to trust if you really want to appreciate and enjoy your wine. It’s worth spending some extra dollars!

However, for older wines I as well use a decanter (Horn Wine Decanter – (1500 ml) 50 oz.) – I pour my wine in there and leave it for about half an hour, to give it some time to aerate a bit after so many years being stuck in a bottle.

Or an easier and faster (but not always the best) way is to use an aerator – Wine Aerator Decanter set, Fast aeration Makes Red Wine More flavorful,Ktichen Tool for home use & house party. I use it for cheaper old wines.

What’s your secret in appreciating a good wine?
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