Banff and Lake Louise

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Our last day in Banff…. Don’t want to leave this beautiful, cosy place…


However, an exciting day is in front of us! Lake Louise! Famous among tourists, misunderstood by the locals. The fact is that it is UNESCO World Heritage Site situated 60 km from Banff. It’s a pleasant road trip, but be patient with your parking: expect to wait or arrive early. Though it’s worth a trip: Victoria Glacier, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, the lake itself with its turquoise waters and high mountains. However, it’s overcrowded, which spoils the whole experience a little bit. People take boat rides, hike and simply enjoy the views.

Lake Louise    Victoria Glacier

It’s good to know that there’s another lake only 15 km from Lake Louise. Canadians themselves consider it more beautiful, maybe it’s because it’s almost crowdless? 🙂 Lake Moraine.

Take the Bow Valley Parkway from Banff to Lake Louise: it’s much more beautiful and impressive than Highway 1.

Lake Louise

There’s not much to do, other than take a boat ride, walk or eat at one of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise restaurants which are quite expensive.

After this enjoyable experience I advice you to take a walk in Banff, along the Bow River, in the park, explore the bridges of Banff  – it’s just calming, relaxing and beautiful!

Bow River     Banff

After your peaceful stroll, buy some ice cream and reward yourself for being so active! However, the best ice cream in Canada, as they say, is considered to be the little shop called Cows right in Banff downtown, but I wouldn’t even bother to go there… Not impressive at all, especially not after Vancouver...

KEG have nice steaks, but the service varies from place to place in Canada (in Banff it was a disaster, but in Edmonton we were treated like kings).

Enjoy your last day in Banff, tomorrow we go to Edmonton!

Cows Banff



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