Kolkhida Saperavi Georgian Wine Red Dry 2014

Kolkhida Saperavi

Kolkhida Saperavi Georgian Wine Red Dry 2014

5 stars!

Full-bodied, with dark, rich color; aroma-filled dry wine from Kakheti region in the east of Georgia. It’s very nice on the palate and pleasant to drink. Kolkhida is the queen of Saperavi!

Saperavi is a very old Georgian grape and the most widely planted grape in Georgia today. It’s one of the darkest grapes, and almost the only one having red pulp.

Did you know that in Georgia they use something called qvevri which is a large clay jar where they ferment their wine, but they keep it underground?

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Have you tried Georgian wine? What’s your experience with it? What is your favorite? 🙂

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