Macarons talk


I hate throwing out food! And I hate it even more when I can’t get it right when I use a new recipe! I’m not a cook, I’m an amature, but I like to experiment, and I like a good challenge! So, today I was trying to make macarons using a Norwegian recipe from a magazine, but it was my first time making those French goodies! And the dough got too thin, I guess, and the macarons just melted on the baking sheet before even they met the oven. Nevertheless, disappointed me decided to bake them anyway, then I gave the strange pancakes a good shake and mix so that I only had crumbles (sort of a new dough that has been in the oven!), then I rolled small balls from the crunchy dough and dried them a little in the warm oven! Voila! crunchy almond balls a la Paris🙂

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