Perfect Healthy Snack

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Don’t know what to make for lunch this afternoon? Would like something easy, but tasty? This snack is for you! I call it EGGS IN EGGS!

egg snack

Simply boil the amount of eggs you want.Make them hard-boiled (around 5 min).

Cool them, cut in halves. Take the yolk out and put it in a separate bowl.

Mix the yolk mixture well, use a fork to do that, crush it well.

Add some mayo, salt and pepper, other favorite herbs and spices. Make it spicy or not, it’s all up to you.

Put the yolk mixture into the empty holes in the egg halves. You can put some more mayo on top, or smoked salmon, or ham, or cheese, or any other goodie! 🙂

Add some bread to it, or Italian caprese, or any other salad, cheese… whatever you find appropriate.

It’s a great finger food – easy to make and people love it!

caprese      yummy

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