Best Croissant Recipe



I made these following the instructions and recipe from Paul Hollywood’s How to Bake.

I’ve tasted a lot of croissants in various places on our planet Earth, but these babies are the best!

I’m giving you just the link to his book. Comment, please, if you want the recipe itself! I’ll post it on my site then!

croissant   croissant


P.S. Hot from the oven, crispy on the outside, buttery inside, melting on your tongue, with a cup of coffee, these are to die for!

3 thoughts on “Best Croissant Recipe

  1. these look delicious and flaky. In spite of all the cookbooks I own, including hundreds of baking books, I do not have one by Paul Hollywood yet. So, I would love it if you posted the recipe – I am a skilled baker but have not yet made croissants and would love to attempt.

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