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Okanagan food    Hope milkshake

When on the road, traveling from Vancouver to Oliver, make sure to make stops and enjoy your trip!

We stopped right after we passed the Vancouver city line and had our lunch at the chain restaurant that you can find pretty much everywhere in Canada and which has quite good food and excellenet service (and cheap wine!), called Original Joe’s. It’s very cosy, and there’s an outdoor area there.

Then you have to stop at the tranquil town called Hope and taste their diner’s milkshake: they give you two when you order one! And it’s ice-cold and delicious!

Don’t forget about Tim Hortons, doughnuts and coffee!

And of course, buy some fresh, organic fruit and berries from the road stands! It’s summertime! 🙂


When you stay at the Maple Leaf Motel Inn Towne, it’s very convenient because the supermarket is right across the road. There’s A&W as well, where they have the best root beer in the world and quite decent (our Canada’s favorite) fast food.


In Oliver there are not so many places to eat out. There’s a Greek restaurant, Savvios, right next to the motel. We actually went there for our dinner, but was very disappointed: it was a bit dirty, the service was sour, just like the food, slow and indifferent. They overused cinnamon (what a heck?) in their food.

Greek food    Savvios, Oliver

There’s a nice-looking brewery there in Oliver, Firehall Brewery, where they serve beer and burgers, but we didn’t get a chance to go there.

The bakery, Oliver’s Bakery and Deli, is good for breakfast, but I’d go to A&W! 🙂

Remember to visit the Platinum Bench Winery where they have homemade artisan bread!

For dinner, book a table at one of the wineries, Burrowing Owl or Hester Creek.

We dined at Terrafina, Hester Creek Winery, a cosy Italian restaurant, with a patio, kindest service, warm atmosphere and excellent food!


What’s your favorite winery restaurant?

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Our next stop is Banff! Don’t miss out on that!





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