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There are about 31 wineries in Okanagan. Of course, it’s impossible to visit them all just in a few days, physically impossible! However, I visited 11 wineries in 2 days! The first day, as you know, we were biking and tasting wine, on the second day I had to be driven by my husband who was too tired from cycling the previous day, while I was too hurt from it, but I didn’t give up on my wine!

It’s a great and unforgettable experience! I really do recommend it!

Some wineries have complimentary (meaning – free!) wine tasting (usually consisting of two whites and two reds); at other places you have to pay a small amount for wine tasting (4-5 CAD), but if you buy a bottle, they discard the tasting fee. By the way, if you show your interest, keep them talking, ask questions, they’ll want to give you more wine to taste, and it’ll probably be for free! 🙂 Be a smart wine taster!

Day 2

Oliver Twist Winery


 #6  Oliver Twist Winery


It’s a beautifully-decorated, lovely, sunny and cosy winery, with a nice patio and a surrounding area, but their wine didn’t impress me so much. We did buy their flagship blend Kerner, which was very good (5 stars according to my system).  Anyway, a tour to that winery is definitely to be recommended because of the area, all the fabuluos pictures you can take there, and, of course, their wine!

Kerner 2013


OLiver Twist Winery


#7 Burrowing Owl Estate Winery


Burrowing Owl


This is a fancy winery located quite far from the downtown, so if you are cycling there, you have to be in good form. 🙂 They have a big tasting room, with a lot of employees, a restaurant, a shop and a hotel! So, if you want to have a fancy stay in Oliver, this is your place, but remember all the benefits of living in downtown Oliver, as I mentioned in my previous post!


And again, big and fancy, not my style…



#8 Desert Hills Estate Winery

Desert Hills Estate Winery


It’s a lovely family winery run by twin brothers of Indian origin. They are the ones who meet you and talk to you, which is quite impressive. They have good and quite cheap whites. Try their Cactus White!


wine tour      wine tour


#9 Platinum Bench

You have to visit that place! Not because of the wine, but their cheeses and bakery! Try their brie and gorgonzola bread! Their sour-dough bread is freshly made every day! And you know it when you taste it! They had quite good Merlot as well.

Merlot 2013


#10 Church & State


This one is the fanciest, with water-sprinkling-from-the-roof patio to huge tasting room and unbelievable prices. But all in all, it was an interesting experience: it was quite peaceful there, the ladies who worked there gave us some extra wine to taste, and their reds were just perfect! Full-bodied, rich bouquet, aromatic and expensive… They do great red blends, Meritage (very popular in Canada, like French Bordeaux style).

Their Lost Inhibitions (2013) bottles are so funny: you can choose one with the text you like, or you can even make your own and have it on the bottle.

You definitely have to try their Quintessential (2011) blend!


# 11 Hester Creek Winery

wine country

An Italian winery, with great reds! They make goods blends, try their The Judge! Pleasant Cabernet Franc!

They have a huge tasting room with engaged people working there, a shop, a great restaurant (read in my next post) and accommodations as well (villas!). I would even recommend them: much closer to the center itself, looks much more interesting and luxurious. Definitely worth it!

Missed Day 1? Catch up here!

See you in the next post! I’m going to be writing about food and places to eat in Oliver and Okanagan!

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