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There are about 31 wineries in Okanagan. Of course, it’s impossible to visit them all just in a few days, physically impossible! However, I visited 11 wineries in 2 days! The first day, as you know, we were biking and tasting wine, on the second day I had to be driven by my husband who was too tired from cycling the previous day, while I was too hurt from it, but I didn’t give up on my wine!

It’s a great and unforgettable experience! I really do recommend it!

Some wineries have complimentary (meaning – free!) wine tasting (usually consisting of two whites and two reds); at other places you have to pay a small amount for wine tasting (4-5 CAD), but if you buy a bottle, they discard the tasting fee. By the way, if you show your interest, keep them talking, ask questions, they’ll want to give you more wine to taste, and it’ll probably be for free! 🙂 Be a smart wine taster!

Day 1

wine tour

Here we were on our quest for wine! All we needed was our bikes, helmets, wine bike bags and a map! Ooops, don’t forget to bring water! Especially if you are planning on tasting your wine! Here we go:

Quinta Ferreira     #1  Quinta Ferreira

First on our route and our favorite of all the wineries that we visited during those two days. It’s a family winery whose roots go to the Portuguese winemakers. The lady who works there is a lovely and kind conversation partner, who knows quite a lot about wine.

We bought a bottle of cold Chardonnay  2012 and enjoyed it on the porch, taking in the marvelous scenery! We really love their Chardonnay: it’s crispy and it’s full-bodied at the same time, with a bit of citrus and butteriness in it! A perfect friend on a hot summer’s day!

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This winery is definitely worth a visit!

#2 The second winery of the tour was Le Vieux Pin, French style winery.

Le Vieux Pin

The room inside is so small, enough place for only four wine tasters. The ladies in the winery were a bit arrogant, but they served in Ridel glasses! It was a different wine, French Pinot Noir style, that’s it. Boring! You can skip this one.

#3  Stoneboat Winery

Stoneboat is a unique winery that even grows their own Pinotage grape and makes icewine from it! It’s the only winery in the world that makes Pinotage icewine! And yes, it’s worth it, one hundred times! They also have other good (but expensive, as it always is) white icewine.

Pinotage 2009 is your choice here!

#4 Intersection Winery

A strange-looking winery, with steel furniture and iron workers (or the one who was working with us). It’s a cheap and simple winery, but the service there is so snobbish that you get confused. There was some wine they didn’t have from the tasting list, but they took money for that anyway.

Don’t even bother to go up that hill – not worth it!

#5 Vin Perdu

Vin Perdu

It’s a calm, relaxed winery on your way back to Oliver, and our last one for today (it’s hard to cycle and drink, but quite enjoyable!). A sweet and cosy winery, with long opening hours; a kind and interested young man working there – all in all, a nice experience. They have some good, full-bodied reds. Their Cabernet Franc is to recommend.

Don’t miss Day 2 of our Oliver adventure!

See you in the next post!

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