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Stanley Park         Vancouver

Here is a list of places that I personally visited in Vancouver and my experience of them, so it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go there or not. I’ll try to be honest and objective, promise!

1. Granville Island Brewing

Canada’s oldest microbrewery. Nice atmosphere, friendly service, excellent beer, but long lines (in tourist season). We took a sample collection of 8 different beers and some snack to share (they serve food there as well!). I enjoyed the experience and the beer, but not the food. To tell you the truth, just go there for beer! I know they do tours as well; check their website.

Granville Island Brewing


2. Granville Island Public Market

Your eyes will want to eat everything there! Go crazy! I recommend the doughnuts! 🙂

Granville market         Granville Island Public Market


3. Templeton

Go there for breakfast (which they serve till 3 p.m.!). However, if you know the city well or at least can read your map, try to avoid the main street that leads there – Granville St., and try to take the side streets. We didn’t know that and started the journey in our quest for breakfast, but by the time we found the place, we weren’t hungry because of all that we saw walking down that street – homeless sleeping on the street, dogs, people who looked like they were drug-addicts, we even smelled hash, the street itself was quite dirty and unpleasant. So, I guess you get it.

But the breakfast was worth it! Try the “Big Ass Breakfast” with root beer!

It has a cool “old American diner” interior!


4. Van Urban Winery

It’s on your trolley route! Go there to take a break from your sightseeing job. Order a glass of wine and some snack. Their whites are so good especially on a nice summer’s day! Hummus and white wine! Loved it! Though the service could be less arrogant.


Van Urban Winery


5. Old Spaghetti Factory

Don’t go there in Vancouver if you are planning to visit more cities in Canada. In Vancouver I guess it’s impossible to get in, unless you are a fan of standing in lines for hours. We went to this interesting “worker’s diner” in Calgary where there was no line and only a couple of customers. It’s worth it: the interior, the service, their concept of everything organic and high quality, and even the prices which were quite low.

However, when I saw it in Vancouver I thought, “That must be an expensive place!” Not at all!

The food is simple, but homemade tasty! The service is fine, again simple and quick.

If you are in a mood for Italian, go there!

Old Spaghetti Factory    Old Spaghetti Factory


6. Bella Gelateria

Home of handcrafted gelato! A must for every foodie! Ignore the line! It’s just there, every time, it is just there! Grind your teeth, try to be patient and just WAIT! Thinking about the ice cream you are going to enjoy in no time!

Their gelato was awarded “the best gelato in the world” title in 2012.

This is the ice cream I talked about in my earliest post.

best gelato in the world       Bella Gelateria

P.S. Go there several times, please, … for me!


7. Polish sausage in Gastown

Doesn’t it sound enchanting? 🙂

Polish sausage in Vancouver


8. Lost & Found Café

It’s a good place to go for breakfast. It was quite close to our hotel.

It’s very cosy, especially if you sit in one of their green armchairs. It smells fresh bread and baguettes, the staff is friendly. Fresh homemade food, nice salads, rolls and good coffee!

When we were there, they had this special deal – get a free cinnamon roll when you buy your coffee before 10 a.m., or something like that. Why not? 🙂

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P.S. My next Canadian experience is Oliver and the wine country! Don’t miss it!


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