Homemade Italian Pizza – Best Recipe for Sunday Dinner

For years I’ve been searching for the best pizza dough recipe, trying out, asking friends and begging for recipes for pizzas I tasted somewhere at parties… And I FOUND it! Who could believe? In my local wine shop! There was this free recipe “flyer”… The recipe here is my modification which I’ve developed after some time, but it’s based on that “flyer” recipe. 

pizza      pizza


In order to get it right, you need to have at least half a day available to make pizza. But don’t worry, it’s actually managable!

The dough

(I usually prepare it when I wake up – so that I have my delicious pizza for dinner!)


1 kg strong pizza flour Tipo 00

10 gr fresh yeast

6 dl lukewarm water

1 dl olive oil

1 tbsp salt

1 tbsp sugar


Mix all the ingredients together, flour and salt at the end. Work the dough (for about 5-10 min), so you have a nice, smooth pizza dough. Leave it to rest for 20 min (under the kitchen towel, if you want).

Divide the dough into 8 parts. Make them into nice and round “balls”.

pizza dough

Roll each of them into thin pizza crusts.They don’t have to be perfect.

pizza dough

Before you put them on a baking sheet, you can toss each crust into the air three times and catch onto your fist. It will give you a thin middle part and thicker edges.  Put each crust on a baking sheet lined with baking paper (or just baking paper if you don’t have 8 baking sheets!), cover with a kitchen towel and leave them to rise for three hours in room temperature. At this point, it’s OK to go on with your business, only don’t forget about the dough!

After three hours, if I’m not going to use the dough yet, I put it in the fridge. And I take it out right before using it (I put each crust one on top of the other on one baking sheet. As long as there’s some baking paper in between them, it should be fine).

I usually use 4 crusts for 2 people (so you have some left-overs for the following day) and freeze the other four, so that I can have pizza during the week, usually on Thursday (our official pizza day). I just take the crusts out of the freezer and assemble my pizza as I usually do.

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Before I start assembling my pizzas, I switch my oven on, set it to the hottest (the highest setting you have). Authentic Italian pizza needs only a few minutes in a hot oven, stoneoven is the best, but if you don’t have it, the regular one will do! 🙂


Pizza sauce

1 can of chopped tomatoes

2-3 cloves of garlic




olive oil (about 1 tbsp)

1 tsp tomato paste

Mix all the ingredients, salt, pepper and olive oil according to your taste. A bit of sugar, to balance the flavors (about 1 tsp). You can as well add some other spices or chopped chili, shallots or even cilantro.

Put about 2-3 tbsp of the pizza sauce over each crust. Spread nicely and evenly.



(You can use whatever you’d like, but I found a fixed list of ingredients that I have to have when I make my pizza.)

cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, Jarlsberg or other cheeses)


salami or pepperoni

red onion

red paprika

cherry tomatoes


fresh mozzarella

olive oil

good quality dairy butter


(olives, jalapeño)

  • Put some grated cheeze  on two of the pizzas. Leave the other two only with the pizza sauce on.
  • Cut some ham into square pieces and put it on two of the crusts.
  • Do the same with salami/pepperoni. Put it on the other two.
  • Cut red onion into thin stripes and put them on the crusts. I find red onion goes well with ham, so the more the better – it will melt and soften in the oven anyway.
  • Do the same with paparika (I usually put it on two of the pizzas, to make it a bit different).
  • Cut the cherry tomatoes in halves and put them on the pizzas (you decide how much you want to use).
  • Cut fresh mozzarella in small pieces and put it on the pizzas.
  • Sprinkle over with some more grated cheese, especially on those two without any cheese on the sauce.
  • Sprinkle over with some rocket (you decide how much you’d like).
  • Go over with some olive oil and pepper.
  • In the middle of each pizza, put a knob of good quality dairy butter (this insignificant detail makes a world of difference between an OK pizza and “Oh my God, this is the best pizza ever!”).
  • You can all the time add some oilives or jalapeño, or other favourite ingredients, but don’t overload your pizza.


Bake your pizzas in a very hot oven for about 7-8 minutes, they don’t need more. And enjoy! 🙂



Bon Appétit  🙂   What’s your favorite pizza recipe?

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