Wine Ranking


I rank all the wine I enjoy according to my 5-star scale. Here you will find my wine with some description and ranking.

5 stars means a great wine, I want to drink it again and again, I enjoyed it, it was pleasant to drink and the flavor and aroma lasted long.

4 stars means still great wine, but something was missing – maybe it was great when opened, but it quickly faded away, or the aroma was not intense enough for me.

3 stars means a good wine, but nothing special.

2 stars means a poor wine, but drinkable.

1 star means that I didn’t like it at all.


The wine of all times for me for some 5-7 years has been:Gamla

Gamla from Golan Heights Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Israel

I first tasted the 2008 vintage and loved it! It’s a good quality Cab, good to be enjoyed alone or with some meat (like meat cuts!). The aroma is so intense, but pleasant, when you open it, though it slightly fades away while you’re drinking it, so I usually try to finish the bottle when I open it and I don’t pump it. Cherry, blackberry jam and strawberry flavors, pleasant aftertaste, full-bodied and round on the tongue.

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