Canada Vacation Experience: Vancouver Part 1 – Hotel

Vancouver       Vancouver

The Hotel

We stayed at the Pinnacle Hotel Waterfront which had (and still has!) a very convenient location – downtown – close to the harbour, Gastown, financial district, tour buses and all the other important attractions.

I really recommend this hotel: it’s neat, the staff are friendly, it is located right in the middle of all fun, great view (mountains and the bay), and the price is quite good, comparing to all the other 4-star hotels located downtown. Believe me, I’ve done my research on this one! 🙂 The hotel is not cheap, but if you want to stay cosy and neat, with a piece of luxury and you can afford, do it!

There is an upgrade you can pay for when you check in – you pay a bit extra per night and you get a room on this special floor where they have snacks and wine all the time and full service all day round. Something like that. However, I don’t think it is worth my money: the standard room was cosy enough for me, and I like my food outside of the hotel:)


Vancouver         Vancouver

P.S. The room overlooking the harbor is to recommend: they have those huge floor-to-ceiling windows and the view is stunning!

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