Canada Vacation Experience

Vancouver airport

I’d like to share with you my exprerience of Canada: the country, places, people, things to do and see, food, trips and practical tips.

My husband and I planned a 4-week trip to Canada, though it was I who did all the planning, ha-ha. We were in Canada in the summer of 2015. Before going there, I read a lot, looked at the recommendations on where to go and which cities to experience. I came up with an elaborate plan, after some weeks of hard labor… The list was very specific, with all the dates, hotels, distances in kilometers and hours, etc.

And here we were, going through the passport control in Vancouver airport in the month of July… Exciting! We are tired and jet lagged after the 16-hour journey… But we made it! WE ARE IN CANADA! Follow my story here: I’m going to share some exciting and useful posts about Canada.

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P.S. If you want to skip all the  hustle and bustle of many weeks of research and planning and get the elaborate plan I made for our Canada trip, with honest reviews and advice, keep reading my posts about Canada and you’ll be able to get a special deal on it in one of them. 🙂 

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