Haddock Fish’n Chips à la Sina style

I was allowed to share this recipe. You know, this recipe belongs to my husband’s late granny, Hansine, or short – Sina. My husband usually cooks it every Monday for dinner, and now, after weeks of begging, I can finally share this delicious haddock recipy with you, my friends. So, I would call it fish’n chips Norwegian style, once used to be prepared by Norwegian granny. 


haddock fish'n chips


This lovely dinner consists of 4 components: fish, potatoes, carrot salad and remoulade (sauce). For two people you will need:


1 haddock fillet

bread crumbs

1-2 eggs



cayenne pepper

250 g lard

3 medium carrots

1 tsp sugar

1,5 tbsp lemon juice

1,5 tbsp olive oil

1,5 – 2 dl sour cream

1 dl mayonnaise

3-4 small pickles

4 potatoes



The first thing is to peel the potatoes and put them to boil in water. You know this part, right?



  • If the fillet is frozen, we usually take it out of the freezer the day before we want to cook it. We also salt it properly. We leave it in the fridge till we use it.
  • Take the fish out of the fridge and dry it thoroughly with a paper towel. Try to take as much liquid as possible (then it’ll be juicier! strange, but true). Cut it into pieces (as big or as small as you wish).
  • Prepare the crumbs: put the bread crumbs into a medium-sized bowl almost to the top, salt and pepper them, add a hint of cayenne pepper (you can as well add some paprika or chili powder to your taste). Mix all well.
  • Prepare the eggs: (usually it’s enough with one egg, depending on its size and how much fish you’ve got) break 1-2 eggs into a bowl (about the same size as the one for the crumbs), stir them well with a fork.
  • Put the lard into a deep pan. Heat it.
  • When the lard is hot, take a piece of haddock, put it into the egg mix, roll it well and put it into the crumb mix, roll it again, making sure the crumbs cover the fish well and evenly. Put the piece into the lard and fry it on high heat. Do the same with the rest of the fish. Fry the fish till it has a nice brown color and thick, crispy layer all over it.
  • You can put the fried fillet on paper to get rid of some of that lard.



Carrot Salad:

Peel the carrots and grind them (I use the grater part with the big holes). Put it all in a bowl, sprinkle over with some lemon juice (about 1,5 tbsp), some sugar (about 1,5 tsp) and olive oil (1,5 tbsp), mix it all well.


carrot salad



The simplest thing ever! We love to have enough for both fish and potatoes (and for both of us, of course!), so the measuring is for remoulade lovers.

Mix the sour cream with the mayonnaise and pickles which you cut into small cubes (should be quite small and tiny). Mix it all well. Voilà!


Serve it all together with a smile!

Bon appétit!


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