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I’m starting a new series of posts called A Glass a Day! I’m going to add a new bottle of wine that I’ve tasted and its short ranking to this post every day. So, after 30 days, we’ll have 30 wine recommendations to choose from! I’ll try to make it the best wines, the wines of my first choice (5-star ranking system).

  • Bottle 1:

Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon, Golan Heights, Israel   – 5 stars!

Gamla   See the description here.  (Best vintages: 2008 and 2010)

  • Bottle 2:

Marani Kakheti Tbilisuri White Medium Dry Wine 2015 – 5 stars!

Kakheti Tbilisuri

Great white wine made from Rkatsiteli grapes, very easy on the palate, light, perfectly balanced, pair with greens; seafood is a bad choice here.

(Read more about other Georgian wines here.)

  • Bottle 3:

Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico DOCG Tommasi Vintage 2012

amarone tommasi

Wine of all times! Tannic, rich in aroma and flavor, well-balanced and round on the palate. This is the wine that makes you go: “Wooooowwww!”. It’s a surprise and paradise in your mouth! An absolute 5-star! (Read more about this wine here.)

  • Bottle 4:

Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery 2012 Chardonnay BC, VQA Okanagan Valley, Canada

It’s so smooth, buttery and balanced, with oaky touch. Perfect on a nice day! Best Chardonnay for me, sorry France and USA… (Read more about Canadian wine here.)

  • Bottle 5:

wine from Cyprus

I’m not sure how to write the name of the wine (see the picture above). The only thing I know about it is that it’s from Cyprus and it’s semi-sweet white wine, but not the semi-sweet you are used to, it’s more dry than sweet. It’s crispy with a tone of sweetness! Great on a hot summer’s day! 🙂 It’s difficult to name the grape here, but go by the label, if you can find it… Sorry, I got it as a present from someone who’d been to Cyprus… 5-star wine!

  • Bottle 6:


Kolkhida Saperavi

Kolkhida Saperavi Red Dry 2014, Georgia

A great 5-star Georgian wine! If you haven’t tried Saperavi wine, you have to do it! Read more about this wine here.


  • Bottle 7:

Masi Modello delle Venezie

Masi Modello delle Venezie 2014 Venetiae Igt

A good red wine, for being an Igt wine. It was actually a surprising discovery for me. I rate it 4 stars because something there was missing, but in general pleasant wine from a respected winery. Go for it without a doubt, ignore the appelation! Read more about Italian wine here.

  • Bottle 8:

Masi Nectar Costasera Amarone 2008 or 2009

Both are great vintages! Another quality wine by Masi. If you haven’t tried their wine, you should! This wine is a 5-star wine! Great with Italian (of course) or on its own – tannic, well-balanced, rich cherry.

  • Bottle 9:

Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon

Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 Washington State, USA

Unpretentious wine, great on your palate, good food companion or just a perfect sip-wine. If you are a fan of Cab, try it! Fruity, well-balanced, pleasant!

  • Bottle 10:

Pinot Grigio Argentina Trapich

Trapiche Vineyards 2014 Pinot Grigio Argentina

Love Pinot Grigio of any origin! Great on a hot summer day, perfect with tapas and gorgeous on its own! Crispy, light flavors, with a tiny hint of buttery Chardonnay… Trapiche is a good, inexpensive quality wine. An absolute 5-star!















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